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TaoADODataSet Contributors

Acknowledgements: The following people have contributed to the development and design of TaoADODataSet.  Some have performed tests and provided feedback, other have added code and improved the components.  These components may have started out as my own creation, but they are now expanding well beyond anything I wrote. 

Code Contributors: These people have written original code for TaoADODataSet.  They have either added new components, expanded existing ones, or added whole new features.  My most sincere thanks to these people:

Kiril Antonov
bulletv2.50 Beta 1: Code fix that put too many parenthesis in a SQL string.
bulletv2.50 Beta 1: Code to get system/user DSNs.
bulletv2.50 Beta 2: Code to support all BLOB types.
Nils Belde
bulletv1.43: Minor modifications to correct problems with memo fields and TDBMemo components.
Remko Bonte
bulletv1.43: Added the CacheSize property.
bulletv1.44:  Fix to TaoADODataSet.CheckInOut method.
Radek Cervinka
bulletv2.50 Beta 4: Fixes to ExecProc
Steve Cox
bulletv2.50 Beta 3: Fixed ADO... events, record deletion in a TDBGrid, UserName and UserPassword properties.
bulletv2.50 Beta 4: Fixes to field mappings.
Anton de Grunchy 
bulletv2.50 Beta 4: Fixed problem when zero-length strings added to a new record.
Baldemaier Florian
bulletv2.50 Beta 1: Code to allow SQL Server linked tables to be displayed.
bulletv2.50 Beta 1: Registry fix for Delphi 5.
bulletv2.50 Beta 4: Fix for parsing with embedded times.
Hans Gulo
bulletv2.50 Beta 4: Fix in the refresh method.
David Harlowe
bulletv2.00: Fixed problems with currency and float fields.
bulletv2.00: Added new data type, #133.
bulletv2.00: Table name enclosures corrected.
Raf Kegeleers
bulletv1.43: Modifications to TaoADOConnection.GetTables
Russell Jesson
bulletv2.50 Beta 2: Fixed date that should have been date/time.
Kirshna Kumar
bulletv2.00: New ADO enumerations converted to Delphi types and constants
bulletv2.00: Event capturing in the TaoADOConnection and TaoADODataSet components
bulletv2.00: New TaoADOStoredProcdure component
bulletv2.00: New TaoADOMTSDataSet component
bulletv2.00: Property editor for the ConnectionString property.
bulletv2.00: Property editor for stored procedure names.
bulletv2.00: ...and much more.
Mark Kuhnke
bulletTaoADOQuery.ExecSQL method.
bulletEntire TaoADOConnection component and integration to TaoADODataSet descendents are his work.
Francisco Leong
bulletv2.50 Beta 3: Fix for pessimistic locking.
Juan MacFarlane
bulletv2.11: Fixes for BCB3 in TaoADODataSet.InternalInitFields.
Kim Madsen
bulletv2.50 Beta 4: Fixed field mapping problem.
Jose Mastantuono
bulletv2.12: Testing and recommendations for pessimistic locking.
Bill Morrison
bulletv2.03: Fixes to keep a stored procedure used in TaoADOQuery from executing multiple times on open.
bulletv2.11: Fixes for BCB4 in aoADODB_TLB.PAS.
Lluis Olle
bulletv2.11: Rewrite to portions of TaoADOQuery and TaoADOStoredProcedure to make them work better.
Thomas Seban
bulletv2.03: Located slow-down when accessing large datasets of more than 100,000 records.
bulletv2.10: Fix for certain SQL statements that cause do not return as expected.
Jelte Snijders
bulletv1.43: Minor modifications to correct problems with ftCurrency fields
Mark Timmings
bulletModification to make a DBGrid work better
Larry Van Howe
bulletv2.02: Modification to the Cancel behavior
Heiko Wenzel
bulletCode for BLOB support
bulletv2.10: New component bitmaps
bulletv2.10: Code contributes to better support parameters in TaoADOQuery
Mason Woodhams
bulletv2.10: Fixes to TaoADOConnection.CloseDataSet.
bulletv2.10: Fixes for field names with spaces, plus large amounts of testing on that particular feature.
bulletv2.10: Testing of the master/detail relationships.
bulletv2.12: Fix in TaoADODataSet.InternalDelete for deleting the last filtered record.
bulletv2.50 Beta 4: Fix for opening tables.

Testers and Defect Reporters: These people have contributed their time by testing and reporting bugs.  My thanks to these people:

Michal Abramczyk, Art Acheman, Gary Blaikie, Charles Collinson, William English, Cenon Del Rosario, Steve Golin, Nigel Strizaker


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