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What are these? 

bulletADO is the Active Data Object COM based database access components (from Microsoft).
bulletOLEDB is the Object Linking and Embedding Database.  Big term to mean a database driver that can talk to a database in a COM fashion.  ADO uses OLEDB to talk to OLEDB providers to obtain data. 
bulletODBC is the Open Database Connector; a database access API.  Most databases have a ODBC driver that can be used to access them.  There is an OLEDB driver that will allow ADO to access any ODBC compliant database.

Why use ADO instead of the BDE?
There is no good reason to switch from the BDE to ADO if you are already using the BDE or if the BDE is already your database of choice or if the BDE fits your needs. The BDE is smaller to install then ADO and is by far the best integrated database engine for Delphi components.

So what will ADO do for me?
If you are using Paradox or dBase files - not much.  They won't outperform the BDE until you get into other database types (Access) or bigger SQL based server (SQL Server, Interbase, Oracle).  ADO is completely free to distribute (yes, so is the BDE). Many Windows platforms already have the ODBC drivers installed for many of the common database sources, so it is only necessary to install the ADO objects (smaller than the BDE). Using ADO and ODBC is a bit faster than using the BDE to access ODBC data sources.

What do I need to install ADO?
It depends on what you currently have installed.

bulletIf you have the Internet Information Server (IIS) or the Win95 Personal Web Server (PWS) with the ASP extensions, then you already have the ADO objects and at least some OLEDB driver. You may need to update the ADO drivers; TaoADODataSet is currently ADO 2.0 compliant and the Win95 PWS
bulletIf you installed the ODBC drivers (usually with Office or Access), but don't have the ASP extensions, you can get just the ADO objects installation from Microsoft.
bulletIf you don't have either the ODBC driver or the ADO objects, you can get the free package from Microsoft. Careful, it is no small download.

More information?
Of course, you can check out Microsoft.   But here are some additional resources that I have found to be very useful.

bulletAble Consulting, Inc.


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