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TaoADODataSet Features

The TaoADODataSet Component Suite is composed mostly of the TaoADODataSet component, several descendant classes, a connection component (TaoADOConnection), and several minor helper classes and objects:

bulletTaoADOConnection: The original code for this was supplied by Mark Kuhnke.   This component provides the actual database connection.  Multiple TaoADODataSet components can use this connection.  In some cases, this greatly increases the speed of database access and manipulation.
bulletTaoADODataSet: This is the core component.  This component does the actual read, write, and modify of an ADO database while providing access in a Delphi compliant way through a TDataSet descendant.  The majority of this component suite is in this component.  The actual database connection is handled through the TaoADOConnection object, but the database manipulation is done in TaoADODataSet.
bulletTaoADOTable: This TaoADODataSet descendant is a replacement for Delphi's TTable that allows access to a ADO database.  It is not a 100% replacement object - it has some limitations, but it works well enough.
bulletTaoADOQuery: This TaoADODataSet descendant is a replacement for Delphi's TQuery.  It is not a 100% replacement, but again, it works well enough.

There is one additional component: TDataSetTester.  This is a generic component that can test both the functionality and speed of any TDataSet descendant.  NOTE: It is a work in progress.  Most of the framework of the component is there, but it only performs a few tests.


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