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ADO versions 1.0 and 1.5

Starting at v1.43, TaoADODataSet no longer supports ADO versions prior to v2.0, such as v1.0 and v1.5.  It should be noted that ADO versions prior to are not Y2K compatible.  An archived version of TaoADODataSet v1.42 is available for download for users who have chosen not to update to a newer version of ADO.  A poll was taken to see if the old ADO versions should be dropped from newer versions of TaoADODataSet; the results were overwhelming for removing the old support, but keeping an old version around.

Download TaoADODataSet v1.42

One of the reasons for forcing TaoADODataSet to ADO 2.0 compliancy was a flaw in ADO v1.5 that causes it to raise an exception every so often (every 14 to 30 Bookmark or Clone method calls) when used on Win95 and on some WinNT systems. ADO v2.0 appears to have solved all these problems.



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