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aoMisc Unit

Current Version v2.00
Status No longer under active development: Open Source Project
News Several small bug fixes.  Overhauled the debug functions and utility.  Converted most of the components into VCL TComponent descendants so you can place them on a form (although they are still not visible at run-time).  Added package support for Delphi 3, 4, and 5.   Added routines to handle relative/absolute directory locations.  Updated the debugger - now written in Delphi 5 - handles the new debug routines.

aoMisc is a unit that contains a variety of types and methods that I use on a regular basis and in many of my programs.  The unit is designed to not include the units that will cause your EXE to increase greatly in size; units such as Forms, Dialogs, FileCtrl, and Controls will cause your EXE to add several (sometimes hundreds) of extra K.  aoMisc's small size makes it a very useful unit when dealing with API or console applications.

The package contains the source code for all Delphi compiler versions.  I'm a lousy artist so you'll have to put up with my pathetic component bitmaps.  If you really don't like them, feel free to make your own and forward it to me.

The debugger provided with aoMisc is a 32bit GUI application written in Delphi 5.   The debugger captures messages coming from the aoMisc.Debug and DebugEx methods.  If you would like to rewrite it, expand it, port it to 16bit, feel free.  


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