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aoMisc Features


TAPIProgressBar This is a simple progress bar that is built with the Windows API - no Delphi forms.  It can display an icon and a line of text.  The progress bar can be controlled via method calls or via Window messages.
TFileArchive This object, along with TArchiveEntry allow you to create file archives.  This type of archive is simply a concatenation of several files with a control block of information placed at the end.  Used correctly, you can create self-extracting programs using this component.
TCommandLine This component is a wrapper around the ParamStr and ParamCount properties of Delphi.  It allows you to retrieve information from the command line without having to parse it out yourself.  Several different types of command line options can be recognized.
TCopyData This little component is useful for inter-process or inter-application communication on the same PC.  This does not work across a network (inter-machine).  Similar to DDE in the mechanics but faster and without the overhead.  Easily handles information contained in the TMessageStream
TDocumentTemplate A simple component that will hold a template.  You can then replace certain text within the template and create a document that is based off the template.
THugeINI Ever notice that Windows and Delphi cannot handle an INI file greater than 64K.  This object will get you around that problem.
TMessageStream This TMemoryStream descendant allows for easy reading and writing from and into the stream using common types, such as integers, strings, TDateTime.  TCopyData has special methods to handle sending and receiving this type of stream.
TMiniWin This is a very simple component; it's just a hidden window that can receive Window messages.
TRegCode A very simple registration code component.  No high-tech security with advanced encryption algorithms.  This little component is low-tech, low-security - but useful.


aoMisc has several classes of functions and procedures designed to make life a little easier without increasing the size of your EXE greatly.  There are routines to handle debugging, directories, file handling, and several miscellaneous routines.


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