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Current Version v1.40
Status No longer under active development: Open Source Project
News Added package support.  Removed dependencies on Forms and Dialogs so that the component can be used in services.  Some applications will access a file multiple times during a single operation; a minimum timer has been added that requires X many seconds to elapse between legitimate accesses.

This Delphi 2, 3, 4, and 5 component is designed to work the with the Windows NT Security Event Log. When file auditing is enable on the WinNT system and enabled for a particular file, this component will catch any file open access and fire off an event. The event will return the name of the file, the NT user account name that accessed it, and the name of the computer (usually the NT server).  The source code is included in the download package, so feel free to make modifications.  If you have any suggestions or changes, I would love to get a copy of them so that I can add them to the component.


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