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This is a list of products and software that is produced and maintained by Aloha Oi Software.  Note that some of the products are marked as Open Source, meaning that the product is an Open Source Project.

NOTE: As of May 25, 2005, the status of all Active Voice Tools have been moved to non-active and are no longer distributed from this web site.  All support, maintenance, development and distribution of those tools is now being handled by Active Voice since I have left the company.  The Active Voice Tools may be downloaded from  Email support may be available through  

Freeware: Unsupported No Longer Under Active Development
aoMisc OPEN SOURCE: Library of common routines and common components.
TaoADODataSet OPEN SOURCE: TDataSet descendant that encapsulates Microsoft's ADO technology.
TAuditFileLog OPEN SOURCE: Component used to monitor the Windows NT Event Log for file audit events.
TLanguageCenter OPEN SOURCE: A multilingual component designed to make it easer to change the language strings within a program.
Shareware: Unsupported/No Longer Under Developement
Helper A command line program used to generate the necessary files to build a Windows Help file (HLP) by parsing the source code of a Delphi component file.
TSetup A suite of components used to make it easy to design a setup program that has more flexibility than a script file but is still written in Delphi.

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