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NOTE: This product is no longer supported or under development.  Purchase of this product will not include any support.

Current Version v2.41
Status No longer being developed or supported
News Several added features:
bulletCan now use any comment type.
bulletCan add component palette bitmaps to the help file.
bulletCan add sample code to your comments.

English, German, and Danish have languages have been completed for this release.

Helper is a small, 32bit command line utility that will parse through your Delphi source code files and build an help file project (RTF, HPJ, and CNT files) based on the objects contained within using attached comments as a description. Using an INI file, command line options, templates, and commands that you can embed within the comments, the help file can be modified to personal preference. The resulting RTF file can be compiled into a help file all on its own, or it can be imported into another help project via a help authoring tool.  See the feature list for more features.

Given the nature of the program and it's template based building process, it is fairly easy to build multilingual user interface and template files.  The file HELPER.HLP in the download package,, shows you how to perform the translations.  You will need the TRANSLAT.EXE utility from the TLanguageCenter download package to perform the transatlations. Please check the language list to ensure that your language has not already been done.  If you will keep both the user interface and template language files up to date for me in your own language (see the Language Translation Guidelines) - I will provide a full, free registration to Helper.  

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