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Purchase Helper

NOTE: This product is no longer supported or under development.  Purchase of this product will not include any support.

Version Notes Price
v2.41 Trial Trial Limitations:
The trial version has the following limitations:
bulletWill only run 5 times.  After that, the computer must be reboot to run 5 more times.
bulletA unregistered message will be displayed at the bottom of every page in the RTF file.
v2.41 Registered Upon registration, you will be emailed the registered users version.  This does not have any of the trial limitations and contains all the necessary source to recompile excect for those packages mentioned on the download page.

Registered users will receive free upgrades through v3.00.  Users that receive their registration through language translations must first provide the translation before receiving the registered version.

$25.00 USD
Purchase Online

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