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TLanguageCenter Features

TLanguageCenter is designed mainly for forms.  You can drop a TLanguageCenter component on your applications main form, run the program, call a method of the TLanguageCenter, and all string properties on all auto-generated forms in all components will be added to a language file that you can then save.

Once you have the language file, you can load it up in the TRANSLAT utility and translate the strings to another language.  The new language strings can be saved to another file.

Depending on how the original application was designed, the new language file can be read and the a single method call will use the new strings and apply them to all string properties in all auto-created forms in the project.

Auto-created forms work best, but you will still have to handle your hard-coded strings.  There is a component included in the suite to simplify using hard-coded strings as well.  Forms that are not auto-created will have to be handled one by one, although they are fairly simple as well.

The TCustomLanguageCenter component is designed for non-form applications, such as console applications.  This component (the ancestor of TLanguageCenter) still gives you the ability to load and save language files, and retrieve strings from any loaded language.

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