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Language Translation Guidelines

Last Update: July 7th, 2000.

Aloha Oi Software will give out free registrations for some of its products in exchange for a translation of the product into another language.  Check the individual products to see what product's can be translated.  This is part of the free services offered by Aloha Oi Software.  A new registration will be provided for every version that is translated.  The registration is only good for the product and version  translated for.

Rules and Guidelines

Only one translation per language will be accepted.  The translator that completes the specified language first will be offered the chance to translate for the next version.   Dialects of the same language may or may not be accepted; you must first contact me.

Under no condition will I ship a translation with a product without first giving the translator the free registration. 

The translation must be well done. If some customers report problems with translation, you may loose your right to a translation and the language will be opened up to other translators.

It is the translator's responsibility to keep Aloha Oi Software informed of their current email address.  If email is returned from a translator's email address, then the language will be immediately opened up to other translators.  Contact with email address changes.

The translation must be completed in a timely fashion after the release of the new version or beta software.  A "timely fashion" is considered to be three weeks from the release of the new version or beta.  After the three week period, if no translation has been provided,  the language will be opened up to other translators.  If you feel that you cannot complete the translation within the specified amount of time, please contact me at

The list of translators for each product will be posted on the web pages of each product. The list will include the language, the name of the translator (not their email address), and the status of the language.  A deadline date will be posted as well.  If that deadline date is reached and no update has been received from the translator, then the language will opened up to other translators.  If you need the email address of a particular translator, you must contact me first and I will provide the email address if the translator allows it.

I reserve the right to make a final decision on who the translators will be.  This also extends to giving the language to another translator.


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