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TSetup v3.00

TSetup Components

NOTE: This product is no longer supported or under development.  Purchase of this product will not include any support.

Current Version v2.20 
Beta Version v3.00 Beta D
Status No longer under development or supported

This is a suite of components that will allow a Delphi programmer to quickly design a setup program. The entire setup program can be designed with only the TSetup components. A simple setup program can be written without a single line of code. Currently supporting Delphi 1 and Delphi 2 in v2.20; Delphi 1, 2, 3 and 4 are supported in the v3.00 Beta D.

TSetup v2.20 is distributed as freeware software meaning that you can use the distribution copy to install your applications, royalty-free.

TSetup v2.20 also has a registered version. This will give the programmer several additional features that are not present in the freeware version.

Some of the FREE features:

bulletMultiple installation disks (your install will automatically span disk)
bulletDirectory selection and/or creation
bulletFile progress indicators during copy operations
bulletIntelligent file copying--allowing overwrites based on user input or timestamp
bulletProgram Group (Icon) creation
bulletUser input components--the user can decide which options/files to set
bulletAbility to execute external program from within the setup program
bullet16bit and 32bit Borland Database Engine (BDE) installs
bulletDatabase Alias creation
bulletCustomizable messages
bulletMultilingual: either a single language or on-the-fly language selection. All default messages have been translated.
bulletStandard setup type background. Colors can be customized.
bulletAbility to completely uninstall anything installed by TSetup components. This includes files, directories, icons, and the BDE.
bulletComponent editors do the majority of the editing--no learning numerous methods to install a single file
bulletHelp file that fully integrates with Delphi

Some of the REGISTERED features:

bulletMultiple directory and subdirectory creation/installation
bulletFile compression--saves space on our install media
bulletMedia building--to disks or to directories

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