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TSetup v3.00 Beta

NOTE: This product is no longer supported or under development.  Purchase of this product will not include any support.

Summary of v3.00 Beta D
This version has three new components - TSetupMessage, TSetupLicense, and TSetupRegistration.  There are also a couple bug fixes to compensate for Delphi 1's inability to handle a string above 255 characters.

TSetup v3.00 is struggling to get out. Since I do this as a hobby, I cannot dedicate large portions of time to it - therefore, things go slowly.  TSetup 2.30 was expected to supersede the current TSetup 2.20.  But after completely gutting and rewriting the components I though I better roll the version number a little higher. Ironically, they still look superficially somewhat like the old components.

These components are definitely in a testing stage - there is little complete documentation yet.   Try at your own risk, don't blame me if they delete your hard drive (although they are definitely not designed to do that).

If you are a registered user of TSetup, then your old registration code and name from TSetup v2.20 will work with this beta release.  This may not hold true for all beta releases.

Since there is little documentation and the component suite has not been finished, I've not announced this publicly in any news group or posted to any FTP site (well, I did slap a message on this web site).

bulletCurrent set of components and future ones
bulletNotes on the Beta (Please read - you might delete your setup program if you don't)
bulletTools for Translation

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