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Leaving Active Voice

Back in 1994, I was hired by Active Voice as a Lab Intern.  Now, a little over 11 years later, I'm leaving Active Voice and moving on to a different company - Cisco Systems to be exact.

This departure  requires that I give up all rights to the tools that I had written for Active Voice and had hosted on this web site - namely the Diagnostic Controller, Viewer and Integration Master.  That includes the right to support, maintain and develop new features for those utilities and distribute those tools from my web site.  Those tools have now been signed over to Active Voice; they may be supporting, maintaining, developing and distributing these tools.

The new location for the tools should be  Email support may be possible through

It was certainly fun while it lasted.  Thanks to everyone that help support these tools by providing feedback.

Jason Swager
May 25th, 2005 

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